She Wants Anti-aging Cream – But Do they Really Work?


I remember catching a side glimpse of myself in a mirror one day and thinking: ‘Where the heck did that aging skin come from?’ It was almost as if I’d grown old overnight. To torture myself still further, I kept looking at myself under different lights, in different mirrors and at different angles just so I could worry myself sick about something I couldn’t change. Or could I?

I decided right there and then that I would not grow old gracefully and would try everything within my physical and financial power to slow down or at least cover up this inevitable aging of the flesh.

First stop was to read up and get educated on some of the anti aging products out there. I decided that the creams and non surgical treatments had to be explored before the surgeon’s knife.

Okay, so we’re all smart enough these days to know that the claims for magic anti-aging cream this and miracle anti-aging cream that, are not truly going to stop or reverse the aging process, but they can make aging more pleasing, more attractive, and therefore more acceptable overall.

I remember my great-auntie Pamela and how good she looked for her age. I asked my mother if she had any secrets for here youthful looks and she said that auntie always avoided exposure to the sun. Ah, where have we heard that one before? The trouble is that we don’t care when we’re young, and most of us bask in the summer sunshine for hours at a time as we compete for the best tan in town. I later found out that years of harsh exposure to the sun’s rays, plays a latent game and it’s only when we hit middle years does all that previous tanning kick-in as it begins to age our skin in quite a cruel and premature manner.

Anyway, I can’t undo what’s already been done but that doesn’t mean I have to accept my lot if there’s any chance of changing it. I’ve read a variety of reviews from real customers on many of the popular products and some of the alternative methods used in fighting the aging process. These are reviews from folks who’ve already tried these products and can recommend them from experience. I suggest everyone reads customer reviews before paying for anything. A lot of these anti aging creams in particular can be very costly and the girls at the counter will quite often tell you exactly what you want to hear just to make a sale.

I’ve since found a couple of products that I have to say appear to be doing wonders for my complexion, but it will be some time yet before I get any real results from these anti aging creams as they are part of a program which boasts amazing results in just 6 months. If all fails, I’ll probably be replacing the anti aging cream with a few high street botox jabs and maybe that will progress into a cut and tuck down at the local plastic surgery, but let’s take it one step and one day at a time, as I’m not there yet.

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