Treating Acne with A Laser

Laser treatment for acne is a fairly new technology that involves using a pulsing laser light to rid the skin of acne. Although it is still new compared to other more traditional treatments for acne, millions have already underwent the procedure with excellent results.

Over the counter acne treatments do not work for everyone. Even with the help of a doctor and prescription medication, patients still continue to have trouble with breakouts. This is where the lasers may play a vital role in the fight against acne.

When you mention acne people automatically associate it with teenagers. However acne affects people of all ages, even babies. Acne that you have as a teen may also continue to plague you in later in the form of scars. A sizable percentage of those who have moderate to severe acne outbreaks as a teen will have scars on their skin forever.

The laser treatments focus on the source of most common acne outbreaks. This cause is over production of oil in the glands around the facial area. The laser destroys these glands and disables their ability to produce oil. This treatment doesn’t have side effects and is painless. By destroying the cause of the acne you can rest assured that it will not return.

Lasers can also be used to treat scars that were caused by acne. The laser removes the top layer of skin and in effect re-surfaces your skin this re-surfacing will blend it scars and the surrounding tissue.

If treatment is started early enough you can save your skin from a lot of the scarring that can be caused by the acne…CONTINUE []

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