The Acne Products That Use Natural Ingredients Are the Best


The best approach towards the treatment of persistent skin condition like acne is to resort non-invasive therapy using natural products. These have no side effects and unlike products using synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals, leave no side effects. These provide holistic cure for the skin condition and even prevent scar formation or pigmentation. Following are some natural ingredients used in the best acne products.

o Neem Oil: Frequently employed in facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and masks meant for problematic skin. This ingredient has proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties.

o Rose Water: Prepared from rose petals, this ingredient is ideal for use in acne products like toners and facial masks. It helps in revitalizing the skin.

o Green Tea Extract: This is frequently used in face cleansers and toners. This antioxidant prevents damage from free radicals by protecting against pollution and the harmful rays of the sun.

o Black Willow Bark: This analgesic and antiseptic material is often used in astringents, face cleansers and toners. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

o Cucumber: Famous for its astringent, pore-tightening and scar-removing properties, it is often used in a wide variety of acne products – face cleansers, masks, toners and astringents etc.

o Witch Hazel: This natural skin toner effectively removes excess oil.

o Rosehip Oil: This ingredient is an excellent emollient. It has an abundance of essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, and is often used in acne products.

o Grapefruit Extract: this astringent cleans and exfoliates the skin and is often used in facial cleansers, toners, and oil-control masks.

o Extract of Wild Oat: This gentle exfoliant soothes and softens acne-prone skin when used in facial cleansers and masks.

o Lavender Oil: The astringent and skin-soothing properties of this ingredient are often utilized in cleansers, toners, and masks meant for acne affected skin.

o Eucalyptus: This excellent anti-inflammatory astringent is commonly utilized in toners and facial cleansers designed for oily skin troubles with acne or eczema.

o Tea Tree Oil: This ingredient is renowned for its ability to heal acne and is frequently used in facial cleansers and toners.

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