Diet For Acne

In order to control the rate of acne development, there are a few tips, which need to be followed. It is better advised to consume vegetables, cereals, pulses and fruits to the maximum. They are usually rich in fiber content and lack the constituents that lead to obesity. You will be on the safer side if you avoid gulping fried food, milk products, hydrogenated vegetable oils, shellfish, carbonated beverages etc. Proper intake of water is also necessary and will work out best.

As vitamin supplements are the building blocks for healthy skin, they should be eaten but with a proper guidance from a physician.

1. Vitamin A is necessary for reducing the sebum production, but excessive dosages could cause knee and joint pain, decrease in bone density, a few gynecology issues etc. A woman expecting an offspring should carefully follow a guideline from the medical experts and continue with her course of therapy.

2. Ingestion of zinc, especially the solution of zinc gluconate will readily reduce the rash formations, reduce inflammation and also slow down the effect of adrenal glands on the skin.

3. Vitamin B6 is required for proper metabolism.

If the above mentioned diet and vitamin supplements are consumed you can restrict acne to a large extent. Consult a physician before embarking on any supplement or diet regimen.

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