Cystic Acne – Putting the Best Face on It


Cystic acne treatment is best tackled after a clear understanding of acne and its roots. There are many forms of acne – a skin condition that is often referred to as having pimples or zits. Acne is caused by bacteria that develop in the follicles of your skin, most often your facial skin. Acne can be mild or severe, its discomfort ranging from moderately annoying to scarring, with psychological repercussions.

Cystic acne is acne in its severe form, where the acne has formed cysts that are filled with pus. This cystic acne can scar your skin, especially if you pick at it or squeeze the pus from its cysts.

The best starting point for your cystic acne treatment is a clear skin methodology which is the standard treatment for any type of acne. This regimen is very specific and often results in noted diminishment of acne. This cystic acne treatment requires specific supplies. Benzoyl peroxide is the primary ingredient in this cystic acne treatment, but you must start with a low dose of this in your cystic acne treatment as it can have a harsh effect on your skin and cause redness.

You’ll need a good over the counter cleanser for your cystic acne treatment. This cleanser should be gentle and not too drying. You don’t want to strip your skin of all its oils. Experts suggest that you never use standard bath soap.

Next on you list of cystic acne treatments is a face moisturizer. This must be used every day to counteract the reddening and drying effect of the benzoyl peroxide part of your cystic acne treatment. The best choice in moisturizer would be a sunscreen that is not comedogenic and also has moisturizing effects. Eucerin Skin Renewal, for example, is terrific at prevent your skin from flaking, although you may not want to use it until you’ve been treating your cystic acne treatment for two or more weeks. It contains lactic acid and can sting your skin when first used in conjunction with the benzoyl peroxide.

Make a 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream or gel part of your cystic acne treatment. If your face is generally quite sensitive you should apply the benzoyl peroxide only once a day for the first couple of weeks of your cystic acne treatment, gradually increasing its use as your skin learns to tolerate it.

Should your skin become crusty or otherwise indicate an allergy to benozyl peroxide (though rare, it does happen) of course you would discontinue its use as part of your cystic acne treatment.)

Don’t despair! You can fight back against cystic acne.

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