Clear Your Acne – 3 Simple Steps to Healthy Radiant Skin in Less Than a Week


The key thing to understand is that acne is not a disease or illness itself, but merely a reflection of the condition your body is in. It’s a signal that something is wrong with your body. Thus to cure your acne you have to address its cause.

Detailed explanation of the cause of acne is beyond the scope of this article. But in a nutshell your body is out of balance. Improper diet, pollution, chemicals in food, pharmaceutical drugs, etc have exposed your body to more toxins that it can handle.

Step 1 – detoxify

The first step to correct the situation is to help your body to get rid of the toxins that are causing your acne in the first place.

The good thing is that your body does this automatically – once you step out of the way. As a double-whammy benefit your body will also clear your acne. For your body to do its job you have to give it sufficient rest and eliminate all harmful substances from your diet for a period of 3 to 7 days. The most effective ways to do this are fasting or so-called detox-diets.

Step 2 – topical treatment

While detoxing, you can help your body with topical treatments. Your skin is one of the main organs for eliminating toxins from your body. Different topical treatments help to keep the pores in your skin open and toxins to leave your body faster. Topical treatments can also kill the bacteria on your skin that lead to acne.

Try to avoid chemicals that dry your skin and just block the pores even further. Instead, try herbal steam baths or skin brushing. Both are excellent ways to help your skin to expel toxins. Sauna can also help you. To kill the bacteria try some herbal lotions from your health shop. Topical treatments are only complimentary to detoxing. So don’t go overboard here.

Step 3 – towards healthier lifestyle

The last thing you should do is to gradually change your lifestyle towards a healthier one. Detoxing and topical treatments will clear your acne. The purpose of this last step is to keep acne from coming back. You should gradually work to eliminate unhealthy substances from your life. Some examples of things you should avoid are: animal flesh, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar.

It’s important to remember that it takes time to change your lifestyle. So go easy on this one and work to eliminate one substance at a time.

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