Acne Care – What To Include Or Exclude In Your Diet?

Hormonal imbalance may be the primary cause of acne but what you eat may also have a positive or negative effect on your acne problem. Many of us believe that eating certain kinds of food could be a cause of acne. However, the researches conducted in this regard have concluded that food do not necessarily cause acne though some kinds of food can help prevent acne and assist to get rid of acne.

The foods that one should avoid if one is prone to acne outbreaks are those that are high on saturated fats because such foods can make the skin oily and trigger acne outbreak. This means that you have to stay clear of meats and dairy products because they are very rich in saturated fats. This does not mean that you have to remove it from your diet completely. You just have to restrict their intake. And if you have been told that chocolates cause acne outbreak, rest assured there is no final word on that.

{mosgoogle right} The researches conducted into acne-chocolate relationship did not find any direct relation between the two. But that does not mean you can eat as much chocolate as you want because the researches have failed to establish a connection between the two, there is no denying the fact that chocolates contain saturated fats in high proportions. And saturated fats can cause acne outbreaks. So, you may eat chocolate, but eating to your heart’s content may worsen your acne problem.

It has been proved that iodine encourages acne. Therefore, if you like seafood or chips or other such food that are rich in salt, it is better that you avoid them.

That was about the foods that are best avoided. But there are some foods that might help you fight acne. Among them, the foods that have higher protein content are particularly useful.

Why and how these foods work is not clear yet, but it has been found that high protein foods decrease the production of certain enzymes that cause excessive oil secretion. Therefore, when the production of oil is decreased the clogging of pores also decline which relieves the acne problem.

Water intake must be increased, and if you like tea, start drinking green tea because green tea has been found to impose effective check on oxidation process, which helps the body fight acne better.

All in all, I would say, being careful about what you eat can prevent acne outbreaks to a considerable extent.

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